Instruction for New Website

All LAIR project websites are now migrating from WEBdotUNC to AWS. Doug ( will help you create an instance first, you can also refer to this guidance and see how to get a WordPress instance on AWS (but you don’t need to do this on your own, since Doug will create the instance, map the domain and give you the URL of the new website).

What you need to do is the following steps of using WordPress.

Step 1:  Put the url in your browser, and you will see a start page of default content.

Step 2: Click on the “Manage” button on right bottom corner, and input your WordPress username and password (also provided by Doug).

Step 3: Access the dashboard of the site and select the pages section in the sidebar. Delete the default pages under the pages tab.

Step 4: Select Tools -> Import and hit Run importer to import the “lair template.xml” file into your site.

Step 5: Select Appearance -> Menu in the side bar. Delete the pages “Home” and “Sample page” from the menus as shown below.

Step 6: Select Themes -> in the Appearance Menu in the side bar. Select the Twenty Twelve Theme.

Step 7: You are all set with the new LAIR research website template, you can go and make changes to the individual pages by navigating to them.