Health Data Exchange

Keywords: Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), Global Maternal Health, Information retrieval, Interoperability, Machine Learning.

Health Data Exchange is an electronic platform dedicated to the global maternal health topics which has three key features:

  1. The system can connect with the existing open-source databases in real-time following the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) pipeline process, and the loaded data can be used for advanced analytics, research, and deriving actionable insights 
  2. The system can perform the attribute discovery (like a search engine) to trace the global maternal health experts, their research interests, publications and affiliations
  3. It also serves as the community and knowledge exchange hub where maternal health practitioners directly share their experiences, case studies and innovative ideas, supporting each other, share upcoming opportunities and events and expanding knowledge about data and software critical to maternal health and wellbeing at the global level.


Leading Professor: Dr. Javed Mostafa 
Email: jm@unc.edu 

Project Lead: Mohammad Golam Kibria, PhD Student
Email: kibria@email.unc.edu